Origami Folding Tips

Origami, from the Japanese ori (to fold) and kami (paper), began in the 6th century when Buddhist monks introduced paper to Japan. The print-and-fold crafts and easy diagrams are designed to help children with fine motor skills, directions and hand eye coordination. Some basic origami folding tips:
  • Print and cut out patterns carefully.
  • Fold with clean, dry hands.
  • Follow the instructions. Study the diagrams and be patient.
  • Be precise: fold each crease well, flattening the creases by running your fingertip over the fold.
  • Folding the paper away from you is easier than folding towards you.
  • Be creative...use your origami on greeting cards, holiday decorations, table place cards and bookmarks.

APRIL: Easter Crafts and Origami

Easter Chick Box

An Easter Chick Box to print and fold...perfect for chocolate treats!

Difficulty: Easy

Directions: Follow directions for Shamrock Box.

Happy Easter!

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Origami Bunnies

Four bunnies to fold! Happy Easter!

Difficulty: Easy


Choose and Print Your Bunny:

1a. Cut out origami along outer solid lines.
1b. Fold in half along diagonal line A.

2a. Fold bunny's head back along line B.
2b. Turn your bunny over so that the printed side is facing up.

3a. Fold back along line C.
3b. Fold back along line D.
3c. Fold back along line E.

Your Origami Bunny is ready to hop!

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Crafts: Easter Bunny Box

Here's another fun box,  perfect for holding chocolate eggs.

This one was designed by my son, Cosmo, using an old program, AppleWorks.

1. Print and cut out Bunny Box along outer solid line.

2. Fold along tabs and sides as shown.

3. Secure side tabs to inside of box with tape or glue.

Designed by Cosmo Custodio. Copyright ©2009 Tammy Yee. All rights reserved.

Origami Bunny Face

A simple bunny...great for pasting on Happy New Year cards!

Difficulty: Easy


1. Print and cut out image along outer solid lines.
2. Fold back along diagonal line.
3. Turn your bunny origami over, so that the printed side faces down.

4a. Fold ear down on diagonal line as shown.
4b. Repeat on other side.

5a. Fold ear up as shown.
5b. Repeat on other side.

6a. Turn bunny over with printed side up.
6b. Fold back white "tip" on top of bunny's head.
6c. Repeat with the white corner on bunny's chin. Fold back bunny's cheeks, as illustrated. Now your bunny is pau! (done)!

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Print, Fold, and Decorate an Easter Basket

Great for Easter favors, fun for tots to decorate!

Difficulty: Easy

  1. Print and cut out Easter Basket, Basket Handle, and Decorations.
  2. Fold and assemble Basket along solid black lines. Tape or glue tabs.
  3. Attach Basket Handle, to desired length, with tape or glue.
  4. Decorate with Bunny, Eggs and Heart.

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Crafts: Holiday Treat Boxes

Need tiny boxes for Holiday treats? Kids love helping with favors and decorations. Here's an activity you can work on together...printing and folding Holiday-themed boxes to hold candy kisses, peppermints and more...


1a. Cut out box along outer solid line.

1b. Make cuts on the "shamrock halves" as shown, along the black lines only. Do not cut beyond the points indicated by the red dots.

2a - d. With printed side facing down, fold and unfold along the solid black lines as indicated, to form the sides of the box.

2e. Your box should be creased as shown:

3a-c. Repeat the process along the outer lines to form the lid of the box.

3d. Your box should now be creased as shown:

4a. Take note of the diagonal lines marked in red:
4b. As you fold the sides of the box up as shown, you will make creases along these diagonal lines to form the corners of the box.

4c. Secure the box by interlocking the shamrock halves along the cuts you made in step 1b.

Print St. Patrick's Day Box
Print Easter Chick Box
Print Halloween Box

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