Easy Butterfly Origami

My new book, Easy Butterfly Origami features 30 bold full-color patterns designed to accurately portray the dorsal and ventral sides of some of the most beautiful butterflies from around the world!

Origami Folding Tips

Origami, from the Japanese ori (to fold) and kami (paper), began in the 6th century when Buddhist monks introduced paper to Japan. The print-and-fold crafts and easy diagrams are designed to help children with fine motor skills, directions and hand eye coordination. Some basic origami folding tips:
  • Print and cut out patterns carefully.
  • Fold with clean, dry hands.
  • Follow the instructions. Study the diagrams and be patient.
  • Be precise: fold each crease well, flattening the creases by running your fingertip over the fold.
  • Folding the paper away from you is easier than folding towards you.
  • Be creative...use your origami on greeting cards, holiday decorations, table place cards and bookmarks.

Dragon Fortune Teller

What does the New Year have in store for you? Here's an Origami Dragon Fortune Teller to help you out.

Difficulty: Easy


1. Print your Dragon Fortune Teller. Cut out image along outer solid lines.

2. With printed side facing up, fold in half along vertical line. 
3. Unfold, then fold in half along horizontal line.

4. Unfold, turn over so that printed side faces down. Fold each corner over to center, as illustrated.

5. Turn your folded origami over, with the "fortune" text side facing up. Fold each corner over to center, as illustrated.


6. Crease in half along horizontal, then vertical lines.  

7. Turn over so that the dragon printed side is facing up. Carefully "open" each corner as illustrated. Your fingers should be able to fit into the pockets formed, so that you can manipulate your Dragon Fortuneteller like a puppet.


8. Turn your dragon over and you're pau (done)!

How to Play the Fortuneteller Game:
1. Place your fingers into the pockets (index and thumb of both hands) so that you can move the Dragon's mouth, like a puppet, in and out.

2. Have a person choose one of the four colors, Red, Blue, Green or Purple. Moving the fortuneteller in and out, spell out the chosen color.

3. Have the person choose one of the numbers showing. Count out the chosen number while moving the fortuneteller in and out.

4. Again, have the person choose on of the numbers showing. Lift the flap and read the fortune under the chosen number.

5. If you need help with the directions, ask mom or dad...they will probably remember how to play the game!

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