Easy Butterfly Origami

My new book, Easy Butterfly Origami features 30 bold full-color patterns designed to accurately portray the dorsal and ventral sides of some of the most beautiful butterflies from around the world!

Origami Folding Tips

Origami, from the Japanese ori (to fold) and kami (paper), began in the 6th century when Buddhist monks introduced paper to Japan. The print-and-fold crafts and easy diagrams are designed to help children with fine motor skills, directions and hand eye coordination. Some basic origami folding tips:
  • Print and cut out patterns carefully.
  • Fold with clean, dry hands.
  • Follow the instructions. Study the diagrams and be patient.
  • Be precise: fold each crease well, flattening the creases by running your fingertip over the fold.
  • Folding the paper away from you is easier than folding towards you.
  • Be creative...use your origami on greeting cards, holiday decorations, table place cards and bookmarks.

2010 Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Tiger

1926 February 13 to February 01 1927
1938 January 31 to February 18 1939
1950 February 17 to February 05 1951
1962 February 05 to January 24 1963
1974 January 23 to February 10 1975
1986 February 09 to January 28 1987
1998 January 28 to February 15 1999
2010 February 14 to February 02 2011

Others are attracted to you by your positive attitude and enthusiasm. You enjoy life and become excited amidst new challenges, unusual places and unexpected situations. If you should happen to lose face in a situation or fail in an endeavor, you do not mind starting all over again or seeking a new challenge. You dare to venture into unknown situations because you enjoy challenges and excitement.
You have an active and creative mind with great ideas for some new activity. You do not like to be tied down by rules or by directives from others. A natural leader born under the sign of courage, you seldom seek others for support as you like to execute a certain amount of independence. You like to be free and do as you please.
Characterized by a somewhat restless nature, sometimes you have a tendency to be impulsive and later regret your actions. If you would think things out and persevere in your many endeavors, you will undoubtedly meet with more success.
Your life is like a see-saw, with its many ups and downs. Although lady luck is often with you, depression sets in when things go wrong and it usually takes quite awhile for you to recover. You simply do not deal well with failure and are embarrassed when friends or work colleagues discover that you have misjudged situations.
Unlike the thrifty Rat, the Tiger is a spendthrift. Therefore as a Tiger, you are often overly generous in purchasing expensive gifts for others.

Luckily your commendable qualities far outweigh your weaknesses. You are almost certain to lead a fulfilling and satisfying life providing you keep your impulsive nature in check.
Good for matrimony with horse, dragon or dog year people.
Avoid mating with snake or monkey year people.
The tiger is associated with the color green, which represents the season of spring. It is the color of new life, calmness and relaxation. Chinese believe that your dream will have a happy ending if it features the color green since it is a lucky and influential color, especially when combined with the color red.
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Print and Fold an Origami Tiger

Many customs and traditions of ancient China are still being observed in Hawai'i today. One of the most popular ancient Chinese arts that has survived since the arrival of Chinese Laborers in the early 1800's, is Chinese astrology. For years astrology has been influential in the everyday lives of the Chinese. Although today it no longer plays a major role in the daily lives of Chinese, astrology still absorbs the interest of many people not only in Hawai'i, but all over the world.

The history of Chinese astrology can be traced back more than 4,000 years ago in China when Emperor Yao commanded court astronomers to calculate a calendar so people would know when to plant and sow. Then it was not until nearly 2,000 years later during the Tang dynasty (AD 618-907) that astrology started to gain popularity when the Emperor ordered respected officials at the Imperial Court to construct a Chinese almanac or Tung Shu, which is still produced every year. The almanac lists auspicious days to open a business, marry, embark on a long journey or make other personal decisions.

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