Easy Butterfly Origami

My new book, Easy Butterfly Origami features 30 bold full-color patterns designed to accurately portray the dorsal and ventral sides of some of the most beautiful butterflies from around the world!

Origami Folding Tips

Origami, from the Japanese ori (to fold) and kami (paper), began in the 6th century when Buddhist monks introduced paper to Japan. The print-and-fold crafts and easy diagrams are designed to help children with fine motor skills, directions and hand eye coordination. Some basic origami folding tips:
  • Print and cut out patterns carefully.
  • Fold with clean, dry hands.
  • Follow the instructions. Study the diagrams and be patient.
  • Be precise: fold each crease well, flattening the creases by running your fingertip over the fold.
  • Folding the paper away from you is easier than folding towards you.
  • Be creative...use your origami on greeting cards, holiday decorations, table place cards and bookmarks.

Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Ox

1925 January 24 to February 12 1926
1937 February 11 to January 30 1938
1949 January 29 to February 16 1950
1961 February 15 to February 04 1962
1973 February 03 to January 22 1974
1985 February 20 to February 08 1986
1997 February 07 to January 27 1998
2009 January 26 to February 13 2010

You are a down to earth person. Not only are you sincere, loyal and unpretentious, but underneath you are strong-willed and ambitious. Once you have set your mind on something or made a commitment, you keep your word. Sometimes you are so set in your opinions or ways that it may prejudice your actions. You appear to be calm, but can be stubborn and temperamental if anyone should go against you or want you to change your position. You then need to be left alone with peace and quiet in order to cool off and work through your ideas. 
As much as possible, you avoid using credit cards for the mere thought of being in debt upsets you very much. You certainly are not a big spender. You are not extravagant. Like the Rat, you are a hoarder, but you are well-organized and neat.
Close friends like you because you are truthful, sincere, and honest. You are also a deep thinker and rather studious, preferring to stick to things that are conventional and traditional. Anything faddish, new or too innovative do not excite or agree with you. What irritates you is when you are kept waiting for someone who fails to be on time, for you place great importance on punctuality.
Your family and home are very important to you. Members of your family are very close-knit. Whenever possible, you like to devote time to work out in the garden or yard. You enjoy spending time outdoors.
Ox people do not make friends easily. Therefore it would usually take you quite awhile to get close to someone and establish a relationship or friendship. But once a friendship is formed, you become very devoted and loyal to that person. However, once a friend deceives you, you will find it difficult to forgive.
Good for matrimony with snake, rooster or rat year people.
Avoid mating with horse, dog or ram year people.
The ox is linked to the color Yellow, the imperial color of China that was once reserved for the emperor. Yellow symbolizes progress, fame and achievement. It also represents earth, since the fertile soils in parts of China have the same yellow hue.
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