Easy Butterfly Origami

My new book, Easy Butterfly Origami features 30 bold full-color patterns designed to accurately portray the dorsal and ventral sides of some of the most beautiful butterflies from around the world!

Origami Folding Tips

Origami, from the Japanese ori (to fold) and kami (paper), began in the 6th century when Buddhist monks introduced paper to Japan. The print-and-fold crafts and easy diagrams are designed to help children with fine motor skills, directions and hand eye coordination. Some basic origami folding tips:
  • Print and cut out patterns carefully.
  • Fold with clean, dry hands.
  • Follow the instructions. Study the diagrams and be patient.
  • Be precise: fold each crease well, flattening the creases by running your fingertip over the fold.
  • Folding the paper away from you is easier than folding towards you.
  • Be creative...use your origami on greeting cards, holiday decorations, table place cards and bookmarks.

Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Monkey

1932 February 06 to January 25 1933
1944 January 25 to February 12 1945
1956 February 12 to January 30 1957
1968 January 30 to February 16 1969
1980 February 16 to February 04 1981
1992 February 04 to January 22 1993
2004 January 22 to February 08 2005
2016 February 08 to January 27 2017

Not only have you been blessed with an excellent memory, but you also have natural intelligence which enables you to act accordingly for different situations. You are lively company, a convincing conversationalist and a good listener. In addition, people trust you with their secrets. You are popular so you lead an active social life. 
However, you are vengeful if someone should cross you. You certainly won't forget and your wily nature will wait for a good opportunity to get even. Sometimes your determination to get what you want may make you appear manipulative, so be careful that this does not ruin a friendship.
When someone needs help, you are open and willing to help. So the tender side of your nature is moved when you see someone in trouble.
You like to impress others and many are attracted to you because of your good looks, sense of humor and confidence. However, you can be easily distracted, and should concentrate on one thing at a time in order to achieve more in the long run.
People born in the year of the Monkey can be crafty, cunning, and sometimes dishonest. As a Monkey, you will take the opportunity to make a quick gain and outsmart your opponent. People do not know what you are up to until it is too late.
You are good in finances but because you enjoy the pleasures of life you are extravagant when it comes to spending money on travel or some form of luxury. Also, if you should spot a person with something that you long for, you become envious.
Good for matrimony with rat or dragon year people.
Avoid mating with rat, ox or dog year people.
The monkey is associated with the color white, which represents autumn and maturity. White also symbolizes purity, cleanliness, and freshness. Although white is worn by family members at funerals, the color is also related to good fortune and white birds especially, are a sign of good luck.
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